Ridge Engine Machine & Repair services piston and rod assembly’s.

With each job that enters our shop, pistons and rods are cleaned and thoroughly checked according to specs. Each piston is checked by measuring with a micrometer for proper sizes and roundness, ring lands are also checked for wear and proper sizes. Should a piston be deemed bad or if a block has been bored oversize we are able to install a new piston onto the rod. Pistons are removed and installed by two methods, if a rod and piston assembly is a “floating rod” snap rings are removed from the piston pin bore allowing the piston pin to be removed from the rod and replaced. If the piston and rod assembly is a “press fit rod” piston pins are removed using a press allowing the piston and rod to separate. New pistons are installed using a rod heater, which heats the rod and allows the new piston and pin to be installed on the rod.


Rods are also checked and can be repaired or replaced. Each rod is inspected according to specs for the piston pin and large end of the rod and also checked for straightness, in some cases rods can also be straightened if they are bent. If a spun bearing has occurred on the large end of the rod, rods can be reconditioned by cutting the rod and its cap making the inside diameter smaller, which is then machined to the proper specs. On “floating rods” bushings in the small end of the rod are checked to specs, if the bushings are out of spec new bushings can be installed and bored or honed to meet the manufactures specs. Once all machining is done rods are demagnetized and installed on the pistons.