Ridge Engine Machine & Repair services Gas, Diesel, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural blocks.

Machining equipment includes a Peterson boring bar, Peterson honing machine and the Peterson resurfacing machine.

Services include degreasing engine blocks, cleaning all gasket surfaces, checking the casting for cracks by magnafluxing, checking the bores of the block for size and straightness and also checking alignment of crankshaft housing bores. Blocks are placed in the Peterson boring bar and bored to the appropriate oversize’s and then transferred to the hone machine where the final size is honed to spec. Lifter bores are also checked and honed if necessary. Should the deck of the block be warped or out of spec straightness can be achieved by resurfacing the decks of the block.  Blocks are then finished by degreasing and installing cam bearings, freeze plugs and oil galley plugs. If a cylinder is damaged or so far out of spec that it can not be bored, cylinder sleeves can be installed by boring the cylinder to fit a sleeve which is pressed into the block and then bored and honed to their desired size.