Ridge Engine Machine & Repair offers complete cylinder head machining on Gas and Diesel engines.

Cylinder head equipment includes a Tobin-Arp valve and rocker arm resurfacing machine, Kwik Way valve seating machine, Peterson/Serdi style valve seating and valve guide machine and a Peterson cylinder head/block resurfacing machine.

Our services include valve jobs, seat installations, guide installations, crack repairs, pressure testing and resurfacing. All valve jobs are done with 3 angles cuts for precise sealing of the valve and seat. If valve seats need to be replaced our Peterson valve and seat machine can cut counterbores in the head and replace seats as needed. Valve guides can be repaired or replaced using methods including Knurling, replacing with a hard guide or inserting a bronze guide liner. Checking castings for cracks can be done by magnafluxing cast iron heads and pressuring checking Aluminum casting. Our Peterson resurfacing machine uses CBN technology to surface cylinder heads and engine blocks providing the best surfaces (Ra) to meet specifications of today’s engines.

Ridge Engine Machine & Repair services all makes and models of Gas, Diesel, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural equipment.